Microscope Servicing


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Our People

All our engineers are fully trained with years of experience in servicing microscopes of all makes and types. We follow a strict and comprehensive servicing procedure which ensures that every microscope is brought back to its best possible performance, with a detailed service report provided upon completion. We manage the cleaning, inspection and testing of all optical, mechanical and cosmetic components so that they both look and perform to the highest standards.  We also test and clean any accessories associated with the microscope free of charge. 


Our Promise 

We believe that better equipment means better results. We have built our business from the ground up to provide a more efficient, more thorough servicing solution than any other UK provider.  Unique in our industry; our engineers only carry disposable, anti-bacterial cleaning wipes which significantly reduces the risk of cross-contamination from different microscopes or sites.  Additionally, our 'never-use-twice' policy means that we never use the same lens cloth twice to avoid potential damage to your optics. Every process we have is designed to guarantee the quality of service we provide. We stand by our work, any and all serviceable faults we find will be repaired immediately, free of charge. More complex faults and mechanical failures can be corrected in our workshop and all repairs are guaranteed for 6 years. 


Our Clients

With clients ranging from professional individuals to prestigious institutions - our servicing prices are designed to be affordable without any reduction in quality. We are proud to work with all of our clients by helping maintain their equipment to it's highest level.  Whether we are visiting an individual or maintaining dozens of microscopes across a multi-lab site - we always take the time to get to know our clients and their work so that we can best support them. 

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