Leica DMS1000

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A modular system to be tailored to demanding research experiments

Digital microscope system for digital inspection, observation and measurement. From tiniest detail to an overview, the optics ensures magnification of up to 300x. The built-in HDMI microscope camera provides full high definition live images of up to 30fps and a resolution of 5Mpixels.

Take a fresh look at your samples on a monitor without the need of eyepieces. High-quality, full color still images as well as Full-HD movies are possible.

The Leica DMS1000 with coded zoom optics can be used as stand-alone or connected to a computer offering accurate 2D-measurements by using Leica Application Suite (LAS) software.

For special diagnostics requirements, there is the Leica DMS1000 B, a version certified for in-vitro-applications like in-vitro-fertilization (IVF).

The image shown is only an example of one possible specification and does not necessarily show the exact system you are purchasing.  The standard specification shown below reflects the system you receive for the starting price. Any changes to this specification will affect the price. If you are not certain this is the correct specification for you, please speak to a member of our sales team before placing your order.  We are happy to offer any advice to help ensure your instrument meets your needs.

Your Advantages:

- Encoded optics guarantee correct and traceable measurement results
- Parfocal, parcentric and telecentric optics
- Optimized for quality control, testing and inspection and documentation
- Quick and true-to-detail live image
- Standalone operation directly on the HD-monitor
- Intuitive control of all camera parameters via infrared remote control (in HD-mode)
- Programmable preset values and importable templates
- Direct recording of HD-movie clips to SD-card
- FlexAperture™ technology provides for constant brightness of the image across the entire zoom range


Standard Specification:

- Modular system: Benefit from the huge amount of M-Series accessories
- Encoded zoom with 8:1 ratio
- Scale bar adjusts with the zoom position even in standalone mode
- Built-in full HD camera (5 MPixel resolution, Up to 30fps)
- No eyepieces needed anymore! Ideal for work in laminar flow cabinets
- FlexApertureTM: Keeps the exposure time of the camera constant independent of zoom position
- SD card to store movies and acquired images
- HDMI interface to directly connect HD monitors
- USB power supply
- Camera settings controlled via remote control or footswitch
- Highly ergonomic! The HD screen can be easily adjusted to multiple users

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