ErgoBall Customer Reviews

Be the envy of your colleagues with the new 'ErgoBall' from Fullerscope Services Ltd, sounds like an advertisement ploy, in this case it’s true. At the Hope Entomological Collections all the staff had to have one as the fights over ownership were starting to get messy.   In terms of actual use – we find the ‘ErgoBall’ extremely useful from basic specimen manipulation during identification to positioning of type specimens exactly for imaging of key taxonomic characters. Overall, a must have for any microscope using entomologist.”

Darren Mann, Oxford University Museum of Natural History


“The ‘ErgoBall’ is a great alternative to a tilting stage and allows for easy adjustment and manipulation of small objects (maximum length <20mm) for photography.  My current research involves photographing cereal grains and chaff for measurement – it is vital that the orientation of the objects is consistent in order that the measurements are both accurate and comparable. The ‘ErgoBall’ has proved very useful in this respect; the glass beads provided are a good medium for supporting items in virtually any position, while the weight of the ‘ErgoBall’ itself makes it very stable. I would love to see a bigger version to accommodate larger objects!”

Dr Emily Forster, Department of Archaeology, University of Sheffield


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